Book One!


Welcome to the introduction to the first novel in the awakening to our ascension series.

The intent behind my novels are that through fiction I want to explore and discover how we all, as human beings, can create and manifest the realities we want to experience.  How to awaking from our illusory reality that we perceive for being real. Could we awaken from our ‘dream’ and no longer mistake it for reality. Those are the deeper questions that the characters in my novels deal with, but in order to tell a story, to write a script, I needed a plot. This plot became the adventures of the Jaarsma Clan. Happy reading!
This first novel ” The Reality Shifters” deals with our intimate or close relationships in the bigger scheme of things.

It’s the people from the novels that come to life through this website for My readers. They reflect the normal lives of millions of readers who all like to go home.

What is Visionary Fiction?

Visionary Fiction embraces spiritual and esoteric wisdom, often from ancient sources, and makes it relevant for our modern life. These gems of wisdom are brought forth in story form and in a way that readers can experience the wisdom from within themselves. It emphasizes the future and envisions humanity’s transition into evolved consciousness. While there is a strong theme, it in no way proselytizes or preaches.

Visionary is a tone as well as a genre. The ‘visionary’ element can technically be present in any genre and set in any time.

My first novel The Reality Shifters, includes the latest events and scientific discoveries from the year 2012 onwards. The Story Behind the Story

I was told to write about the possibility of awakening to full consciousness through fiction. By sharing an awakening journey through the characters from the Jaarsma clan, my readers can each awaken his/ her own perception about ‘what is consciousness’.

I will share her further research into this fascinating topic through my blog The End of Time:

The whole Awakening to our Ascension plot was set out from 1888

The characters from the Jaarsma clan are:

The Ascension Series

We are all Reality Shifters



The Reality Shifters

What is a Reality Shifter?

It is someone who has understood the principle of manifestations. How we attract circumstances into our lives, even the unwanted ones, and how to change the reality around us. Every human being has been given this creative power, but only very few of us use it.

One of the best ways to experience more reality shifts in one’s life is to pay more attention to one’s inner dreams so that they manifest in our life. Anything is possible. What we can imagine we can make real.

This blog about the End of Times must be understood in the correct way. Many of us Reality Shifters have awoken early, therefore, we understand the goings on in this world and see past illusions that have been skillfully and arduously put in placed over a hundred years ago.
Many generations have gotten used to lies and deception, so most of us still think it’s normal to live in lack. It’s NOT!
Reality shifters are on this planet to help people awaken and to guide them, to protect them and share their wisdom.
This wisdom isn’t always what people will want to read or hear, therefore to read the truth about what has been hidden for millions of years through storytelling, will prepare my readers to become reality shifters.

What has been told by mainstream media around the globe has been riddled with lies to keep the human population unaware of things that are going on behind the scenes.
Great changes are happening all around the world and the reality shifters are helping, and fighting to keep the darkness at bay and the light appears to be winning.
Awakening is all about expanding our knowledge and stretching our mind and beliefs that life will be changing very soon.
I will never give out dates because TIME is a fabrication of the mind, but I will share with you that it’s my guess that by 2030 the world you see around you and know will be forever changed for the better.

The novel: Reality Shifters Storyline

The Reality Shifters blends a visionary story with inspiration and thought-provoking messages, inviting the reader to enter the fifth dimension through a unified field where separateness is an illusion.

Ingrid’s world turns upside down when text appears on her blank computer screen interacting with her daydreaming mind.  Who is telepathically reading her mind? Who is it who is warning her about the spreading of lies and deceit through the global mainstream media?

Ingrid connects with like-minded Souls when she participates in decoding workshops in order to become a Reality Shifter.

In twelve weeks the participants learn to live in two separate realities during times when censorship, prosecutions and blatant lies about almost every known topic are spreading around the world.

Will good conquer over evil? Ingrid and her Soul mates find themselves caught up with ruthless people who want to prevent  the re-discovery of an ancient underground inter -dimensional portal  near the Swizz border in France.

Through Ingrid’s abduction, she learns to transport into a new reality while facing the prime evil that threatens the life of her unborn child.  Her past life dreams are preparations for a union she had never thought possible.


One reviewer of this novel wrote to me in an email as follows:

Nadine I would definitely add to the following description..

“the encoding of our personal purpose, which we feel a longing to fulfill in this life time, is revealed through our connection to each other, as we see the whole vision, through the mirrors of each others point of view. By coming together with people who resonate with our truth, in a space where we can acknowledge the reality of our experience. Without hesitation, we trust our true selves to be revealed in a safe space, where we allow our inner purpose to set itself free… allowing us to bring to life, the creation of our new reality. 
Intensified by somewhat far fetched concepts like psychic abilities, immortality, the presence of a consciousness within a computer speaking random texts of deep wisdom which mean so much more when you delve deeper to explore and the romantic idea of a world already prepared, with community land, ready for us to expand… created by a man with vision and shit load of money to have made it real already… “

“Gosh, the man who I speak of above… what is his name? Toon, appears so mysteriously, to not even be mentioned in your introduction of the book below… To me, he is almost like Jame Bond.. who has his connections and this unique ability to make things happen, probably with an older lady secretary and a team of experts designing the latest in technology of off grid living at his disposal, ready to please his every wish… secretly building a village in the mountains for when the time comes…”
Thank Julisa

I so appreciated Julisa Petersen her email and added a portion this into this blog. Most readers I never hear from, but I know they downloaded the ebook file ( 680 plus the last we looked)
it has given me a tremendous encouragement to keep writing the 5 novel “Paralel Realities” Tulanda’s journal, on the Awakening to our Ascension series, which I was suppose to have published in 2019 but I was so busy creating graphics for print-on-demand products in other to earn royalties to supplement our income, that I left my writings last year.

My research into our human history took me on a long journey, (more or less including my research from the early years of 1970 – till today.
I’m still traveling the ascension journey, but I intend to fictionalize our awakening through storytelling about our times we live in today especially during and after our lock down times in 2020.
This below documentary video on the Anunaki more or less includes my research from the early years of 1970 – till today.

More about my book can be found here:

What a beautiful and interesting well-done video with lots of well balanced comprehended information to contemplate over. Remember its an interpretation of the origins of human beings, there are many variations, but here someone made a very creative moving slideshow. Loved watching this video.